About Us

Lone Wolf Laserworks is a small family run business based in Hot Springs, located in the beautiful southern Black Hills of South Dakota.

What initially started as an interest in engraving and woodworking and spending countless hours on YouTube while i was recovering from a knee injury, quickly led me to laser engraving. 

I was amazed at what could be done with them beyond just engraving wood. So, after several months of research, and my doctors telling me I needed to get out of the trades, I bought a couple machines and here we are today. (Thats the very abbreviated story.)

In addition to my Shopify store, I also set up at various craft shows and farmers markets locally.  If you see me at one of these events, you'll also most likely meet the rest of the crew. My mom is retired and loves to chat, so she will be the one at the register. The other two, (The Boss's) you probably wont see often. One has a bad attitude and the other is afraid of almost everything, so they stay home.